Live stream of the Gorilla MMA Series – 26: Fight Riot will be held on M-1 Global on February 20, at 7 PM Moscow time.

We are pleased to welcome a long-time friend of MMA and the new general partner of the MMA Series, Gorilla Energy.

Gorilla MMA Series is preparing to hold the last winter tournament of the season, Gorilla MMA Series-26: Fight Riot. And now we are going to Voronezh: the 26th night of the Gorilla MMA Series will be held next Saturday, February 20, and this tournament has prepared many exciting events for the audience.

Ilya Kurzanov (15-8) against Yan Sleptsov (4-2) is the 3rd of the main fights of the Gorilla MMA Series-26: Fight Riot. Experienced Kurzanov will hold his 24th fight in his career, but the last fight was a year ago so the upcoming event is a return in action. Kurzanov managed to fight with many Russian MMA stars. Alexander Matmuratov, Movlid Khaybulaev and Rasul Mirzaev are some big names of his rivals. On February 20 Ilya will face Yan Sleptsov and this fight will be the first test at such a high level.

The second of the main events will be a flyweights fight: Yakov Ekimov versus Farid Alibabazade. The upcoming fight will be the 4th for “Kuznya” fighter Ekimov in the Gorilla MMA Series and his record is 3-0 here, all by KO’s. Farid Alibabazade (5-1) from Azerbaijan will try to break Yakov’s win strike. Farid fought in Gorilla FC, EFC and Titan FC. More than a half of both fighters wins were early and this is a rarity for flyweights. So it will be a real spectacle for us.

The main fight is heavyweights clash: Oleg Popov against Abdelwakhab Mohamed. One of the perspective Russian heavyweights Oleg Popov (9-1) will fight for the 3rd time in the Gorilla MMA Series and in the statistics of the headliner from the "Kuznya" fight club are only wins for this moment.

Popov’s rival is Abdelwakhab “El Diesel” Mohamed from Egypt. The unbeaten heavyweight will come to Voronezh to achieve the 5th win in his career. And the successful result will push him to the MMA heavyweights elite.

The Gorilla MMA Series-26: Fight Riot tournament will be held on February 20, 2021 in Voronezh. And the audience will see 11 fights of fighters from five countries in six different weight categories.

Spectators will be allowed to enter the stands in accordance with the current restrictions. The event will take place under the most stringent conditions as determined by trained medical doctors. All of the fighters and participants are being tested and monitored for COVID-19 by trained medical professionals. Everyone supporting the fight will be wearing masks for their safety.

You can watch the Gorilla MMA series tournaments:

• on M-1 Global TV channel in packages of your cable, satellite and OTT operators

• on www.mma-series.com

• on the Gorilla MMA Series YouTube

The tournament will stream internationally (not in Russia and the CIS) on the live and interactive platform ClashTV. The ClashTV app allows you to do more than just watch – you can vote for which fighter you think should win, you can chat with your friends online while watching, and generate social capital.

Download the ClashTV app in the Apple Store and register:


Details on www.clsh.tv  

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