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The territory of #56.
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The cage of Victoria Itsekhovskaya. MMAC 81.
MMA Series-81. ODEON.3. I. Konstantinov, A. Vagabov, Zh. Tuganbaev, V. Rudenko.
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The territory of #56.
23 march 2024
Souza surprised Dyakonov in title fight. MMA Global Series results

MMA Global Series-76 | March 23. Dubai (UAE).

1.  Zhasurbek Sabirov (Russia) win versus Mahmoud Abdel Razek (Egypt) by ТКО in 1 round (3:05);
2. Israel Figueira (Brazil) win versus Magno Santos (Brazil) by SUB in 1 round (2:20);
3. Mohamed Tarek Mohey (Egypt) win versus Kushal Vyas (India) by TKO in 1 round (1:14);
4. Arymarcel Santos (Brazil) win versus Mohamed Khasan Badawy (Egypt) by TKO in 1 round (2:17);
5. Lucas Nascimento (Brazil) win versus Magomedzagid Nabiev (Russia) by TKO in 3 round (3:45);
6. Well Oliveira (Brazil) win versus Mohamed Ali Sellam (Algeria) by UD;
7. Andre Miranda (Brazil) win versus Viktor Klyuev (Russia) by UD;
8. Tiago Cardoso (Brazil) win versus Alejandro Solorzano (Mexico) by UD;
9. Roggers Souza (Brazil) win versus Sergey Dyakonov (Russia) by SUB in 2 round (3:51) & gets the bronze MMA Series Winner belt.


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