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MMA Series Names. G.Melkonyan
MMA Series Names. S.Bobryshev
MMA Series Presents: The Stars of World MMA. M.Magomedov, A.Makhno, A.Lebedev.
MMA Series Presents: The Stars of World MMA. D.Riggs, B.Medvedev, O.Popov.
MMA Series Presents: The Stars of World MMA. M.Makhachev, V.Ignasio
MMA Series Names. V.Junior Awards 2021

In 2021, we held 23 tournaments and 300 fights within the Series. Together with us you have visited 12 cities in Russia, Germany, Serbia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. And saw performances by fighters from more than 20 countries, including countries in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and many others.

We are proud of our success in our own MMA Series of tournaments. We are grateful to our fighters, without them there would be no our spectacular shows! And now it's time to take stock of the year and choose the best ones.

The following nominations represent the strongest, promising, brightest and most enduring fighters of the MMA Series:


Debut of the Year

Knockout of the Year

Submission of the Year

Fight of the Year

Women's Fighter of the Year

Fighter of the Year


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Fighter of the Year
Popov Oleg
Bobryshev Sergey
Ekimov Yakov
Durymanov Alexander
Shurkevich Alexey
Andryushko Dimitry
Knockout of the Year
Yakov Ekimov (Gorilla MMA Series-36)
Victor Kolesnik (Gorilla MMA Series-40)
Alexey Shurkevich (Gorilla MMA Series-33)
Alexander Kiryanov (Gorilla MMA Series-26)
Zaur Hajibabaev (Gorilla MMA Series-39)
Leonard Akhmetov (Gorilla MMA Series-42)
Submission of the Year
Maria Artyukhina (Gorilla MMA Series-33)
Fedor Durymanov (Gorilla MMA Series-38)
Ivan Parshikov (Gorilla MMA Series-43)
Roman Karasev (Gorilla MMA Series-37)
Oleg Lichkovakha (Gorilla MMA Series-30)
Oleg Popov (Blacksmith Fighting Championship 3)
Debut of the Year
Francuski Milos
Jaric Stevan
Prikhodko Nikita
Vorobyova Diana
Kukaniev Osmonbeg
Sotnikov Mikhail
Female Fighter of the Year
Artyukhina Mariya
Vorobyova Diana
Nika Marina
Ostroverkhova Yulia
Fight of the Year
Maksudjon Kadirov - Azizbek Keldibek (Gorilla MMA Series-28)
Maria Artyukhina - Gulnazik Omorova (Gorilla MMA Series-33)
Victor Kolesnik - William Diaz (Gorilla MMA Series-40)
Andrey Lebedev - Rufat Akhmedov (Gorilla MMA Series-27)
Alexander Podmarev - Ruslan Majidov (Gorilla MMA Series-33)
Sergey Bobryshev - Alexander Balaur (Gorilla MMA Series-37)