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The territory of #56.
TV channel MMA-TV.COM presents: "WKG & M-1 Global". China 2024.1.
The cage of Victoria Itsekhovskaya. MMAC 81.
MMA Series-81. ODEON.3. I. Konstantinov, A. Vagabov, Zh. Tuganbaev, V. Rudenko.
MMA Series Names. I. Kulak, D. Eduarda.
The territory of #56.
20 may 2023
MMA Series-70: All Stars in Moscow

Super-event MMA Series-70: All Stars will be held on July 1 in International Boxing Center (Luzhniki)!

League promoters will present amazing fightcard with title fights and great show. Long awaited remstch Sergey Bobryshev (Russia) versus Bobur Kurbonov (Uzbekistan) for the silver Winner title. First fight between top welterweights ended by Kurbonov's win. The silver Winner title holder Masoud Safari (Iran) is back after his injury and he is ready to defend his trophy. Arrive to the event before the start and win the real motocycle! Stay tuned for new announces! Buy tickets

Watch the live stram on and on July 1 at 7 PM Moscow time.