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MMA Series Presents: The Stars of World MMA. M.Grishin, M.Khamanaev ,A.Emelianenko ,W.Junior
MMA Series - 54 : Triumph. V.Kolesnik, D.Cavalcanti, M.Artyukhina, V.Junior
MMA Series 2022. Grand Prix Final. D.Zasinets, R.Medzhidov
MMA series. Women's MMA Division 2022. N.Kharinova, M.Artyukhina, M.Shutova, Z.Alieva
MMA series. Best Fighter 2022. M.Safari
MMA series. Best Fighter 2022. I.Varvarsky
23 december 2022 Awards 2022 channel announce the start of Awards 2022 voting! MMA Series become bigger, more powerful and global:

- More than 140 millions wathcers around the world
- More than 200 amazing fights in 2022
- MMA Series champions were born
- New names & legendary fighters


Now it's time to summing up the results of the 2022 and choose the best! Vote on and make the right choice!