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05 june 2023
Flyweight Grand-prix semifinal on MMA Series-69

The live stream of MMA Series-69: Fighters Mansion will be held on & on June 17 at 7 PM Moscow time. You will watch the second Grand-prix 57 kg semifinal Grigory Mishin (Russia) versus Dilshod Kubayev (Uzbekistan). The winner will face Asan Azizov (Tajikistan) in the final. Also you will see great MMA debut. Umar Magomedov (Russia) will fight for the first time in pro mixed martial arts. Shara Bullet's brother is ready to show the beauty of striking technique. Also in main card: Sergey Yaskovets (Russia) versus Andrei Chubotaru (Russia) and Miguel Gentililni (Brazil) versus Bugrahan Alparslan (Turkey). Stay tuned for the new announces! Buy a stream